• Create a CD of your partner’s favorite songs and sneak it into the car’s CD player before s/he leaves for work.

  • Make Rice Krispies™ squares and cut them into heart shapes. Wrap some in red cellophane, tie with red ribbon, and slip them into your honey’s briefcase.

  • Purchase two tickets for a night at the comedy club and enjoy an evening of laughter.

  • Sign up for a dance class together. Don’t forget to dip!

  • Be his “Private Pin-up.” Surprise him with boudoir photos of you in your new sexy outfit. A man’s shirt works well too!

  • Enjoy a day together at an entertainment centre. Arcade games, roller skating, mini golf, bowling, billiards, bingo, racquetball, tennis, ping pong, karaoke, and dancing, at unbelievable prices! You’re bound to find something you can both enjoy!

  • Write “I love you” in the steam on the bathroom mirror and then surprise your partner in the shower. Why not offer to lather her up?

  • Start your own “love bank.” Each time you kiss or make love, it’s time to deposit a quarter or loony in your “love bank.” Count your coins once the bank is full and treat each other to something special.

  • Arrange a day at the spa for two. After a relaxing massage, cozy up together in the hot tub with a glass of bubbly. This calls for a toast!

  • Snuggle up and read erotic literature to each other. Speak seductively or, if you’re too shy, exaggerate. If you’re not turned on, at least you will still have fun!

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