Looking to add some variety to your kissing technique? The Internet is a great source for exciting ideas, however, LouLou LíAmour, author of The ABCís of Tease & Please has a few of her own you may want to try, ranging from oh so sweet, to the exotically sensual, to the teasingly seductive:

The Brake for Love Kiss Ė The next time youíre in a car together, take a ďkissing break.Ē At every red traffic light, lean over, and kiss your partner.

The Vampire Kiss Ė Time to get rid of your inhibitions. For a sensual, but playful kiss, a gentle nip of your partnerís neck is sure to stir up the desire. The purpose is not to draw blood, but to get the blood pumping ... if you know what I mean. Not recommended for first dates.

The Tormenting Kiss Ė While in each otherís arms, gaze seductively into your partnerís eyes. Now, place a hand on your partnerís cheek, lean in, close your eyes and slowly bring your lips ever so close together, but donít have them touch. Sense the excitement. You want your partner to think that the kiss is imminent. And just as your lips are about to join, lean away, making sure your partner canít sneak in a quick kiss. Chances are the two of you are about to enjoy lots of fun!

Make your kiss a kiss to remember!

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