Lucky in Life, Lucky in Love!

You are at an event or meeting, and they are giving away a door prize. Clutching your ticket in your hand you hear the words, “and the winning number is ...” The crowd starts murmuring. Then are a few shouts of “pick me!” from the hopefuls, “this is mine” from a couple of brave souls. Most of all though, what do we hear? “Oh, I never win anything!” The truth is most of us see ourselves as unlucky. We can all name someone who seems to have incredible good luck but we rarely think it is ourselves. Now when it comes to the lottery and playing the casino, we are generally right. Statistics will bear us out. These are activities based mostly on chance, buying a ticket or having the cards dealt to you. The odds of winning the lottery are astronomical and of course the higher the jackpot goes the more people buy in, increasing the odds. Casinos are not in business to give away money so in the long run if you keep playing they will win. The question is, in day to day actions is any one person luckier than the next?

Studies have shown that it is all in your attitude. We shape our thoughts and actions. People who claim to be unlucky can tell you all the times they have been unlucky. Listen carefully to how things happen for them though. For example, the person who gets stuck in traffic and is late for work the day the big boss from head office is in town may in fact be late more often than not but it only really stood out that day because she got caught. If you listen carefully to her stories you find out she is always running at the last minute. Not bad luck, bad planning! Even when you point out something good that has just happened unlucky people shrug it off, immediately putting it out of their minds. People who see themselves as lucky tend to be open to possibilities are more relaxed and able to see what is going on around them. They donít dwell on the bad luck stories in their lives. Unlucky people tend more to be creatures of routine and less likely to partake in new things.

Transfer it to looking for love and that same unlucky person is the one who will tell you all the good ones are taken, there arenít enough men or women in their city or town. Regardless of what the actual demographics say, their thoughts and actions will cause the laws of attraction to kick in. They will gravitate right to Mr. or Ms. Wrong each and every time therefore proving their own point over and over again. They simply canít see anyone else. They will meet the same type of people in the same type of places over and over again. Without changing their routines or habits, or being open to new ideas, nothing in the situation will change. Make a suggestion to them and the answer will be a resounding, “Yes, but I canít; It wonít work; I tried that once,” etc. Keep doing the same old thing and you keep getting the same old results. Once again hardly bad luck, just bad planning.

Hereís an example of how a change in thinking can change the story. My younger son has a variety of mental disabilities. When he is upset, usually because he is scared, his behavior spirals out of control and I may be called to pick him up from school. He knows when I arrive he has used up all good will and chances with his teacher and he needs to leave. Knowing he has disappointed me his reaction is the opposite of what you might think. He tends to get verbally abusive and begins to accuse me of all sorts of injustices against him. In a sense he is telling me his bad luck story in the only way he is capable. In an effort to diffuse his anger I usually tell him I am confused and donít understand why he is saying I do what he says I do but if he can give me three examples of when I behaved in the way I might see his point better. As he searches for those examples he is faced with determining whether his view is fact or fiction. Once he realizes he may not be seeing the situation as it is he is ready to look at the incident that caused his fear in the first place and see that it may not be what he thought it was either. He is forced to open up to a new possibility, calm down and tell a different story.

So, want to improve your luck? My challenge to you the next time you think you are always unlucky and you never win, is, instead of regaling everyone with your loser stories, say out loud I remember these times I was so lucky because ... and tell at least three examples of good fortune. They can be little things at first but you will start to remember more of them. Youíll be surprised once you begin to focus on the good luck tales how your luck will change. Suddenly a $10 will show up in a coat pocket, youíll catch the bus you were sure you missed or long lost friend will call out of the blue.

When it comes to love, look for wonderful attributes in the people you meet. Be as open, honest and kind as you can. They may not become the love of your life but they may become good friends and you never know just whom they may introduce you to. Remember be open to the possibilities and be willing to consider new options. Luck is practice and attitude adjustment. Be a winner! Good Luck!

Joan Jesion

After more than 18 years in the Direct Selling Industry, Joan Jesion was ready for a change. Joan realized that what brought her the most satisfaction in her business was helping others succeed in achieving their goals. Coaching was a natural fit!

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