• A – Always hold hands in public.
  • B – Be your partner’s cheerleader.
  • C – Celebrate your relationship by creating love rituals.
  • D – Date your mate and fall in love all over again.
  • E – Express your love for your partner every day.
  • F – Flirt with your partner. Keep the fun in your relationship.
  • G – Gaze into your partner’s eyes.
  • H – Hug your partner every day.
  • I – Invest in your relationship and benefit from the returns on your investment.
  • J – Just do it! Don’t just think about it. Do it! Hold her, tease him, …
  • K – Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Repeat often.
  • L – Laugh with your partner.
  • M – Make each moment together matter.
  • N – Nibble on your partner’s ears.
  • O – Open up to your partner.
  • P – Praise your partner … and that means in public too.
  • Q – Quote an erotic love poem to your partner.
  • R – Recreate your first date together or one that brings back fond memories.
  • S – Surprise your partner … just because.
  • T – Take the time to be alone together. Too busy? Then, schedule it.
  • U – Unleash your passion for your partner.
  • V – Volunteer together.
  • W – Write a love letter. Describe all the reasons why you love your sweetie so much.
  • X – X-plore your romantic creativity together!
  • Y – Your relationship with your sweetheart needs to be your #1 priority!
  • Z – Zero in on what matters most to your partner. Know your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Leona Hamel, Romance Agent™, speaker, and coach
Author, The ABC's of Tease & Please - A Romance Handbook

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