FENG SHUI is the art of creating a home environment that supports the life you wish to live. It is known as the “Chinese Art of Placement.” A key element of Feng Shui is creating a smooth flow of chi (positive energy) through your space.

Chi likes to move through your home as though it were a gentle breeze. Where it is blocked, the energy becomes stagnant — like a pond choked with fallen leaves. As a result, you are likely to feel blocked in life, and your energy and enthusiasm for matters of the heart will be low.

Balancing and correcting the chi of your bedroom helps encourage and invigorate romance.

Here are ten simple ways to help you increase your “Good Feng Shui” for love and romance by improving the energy in your bedroom.

  1. Clean up your bedroom
    When your bedroom is cluttered and untidy, the energy in the room will be low and slow. Clutter is a sure sign that chi is stuck, so roll up your sleeves and clean the place up if you want to jump-start your love life. Ring a bell, shake a rattle, or clap your hands loudly around the room to clear out old, stale energy.
  2. Make room for love
    If you want to attract a new romantic partner—or move a casual relationship closer to commitment—make sure there is space for that person in your home. Look at your closets, shelves, and dressers, especially in the bedroom; if they are all filled to capacity with your own stuff, make clearing some room for your current or future partner a priority. Aim to free up 25% of the space in your bedroom for someone else's things. When you are done, take a moment to visualize your loved one's belongings finding a home there.
  3. Don't work out in the bedroom
    When you exercise in the bedroom, or store your sports equipment there, you bring the energy of hard work and exertion into your romance space. Do you want your relationship to feel like a tough workout? If not, move your workout equipment somewhere else; your relationship is likely to move along more smoothly.
  4. Remove old relationship energy
    Go through your home—especially your bedroom—and remove anything that reminds you of past failed relationships; this could be an ex-boyfriend's old sweater you find in the closet or photographs of you with a previous partner. No matter how incurable a romantic you may be, do NOT keep old love letters anywhere in your bedroom unless they are from someone with whom you are still blissfully paired up.
  5. Remove inappropriate imagery
    The images with which you surround yourself can have a powerful effect on your love life. Feng Shui clients who complain of difficulty finding romance have often surrounded themselves with images of a person alone. Inappropriate imagery includes anything that represents solitude or loneliness.
  6. Open the door to love
    Make sure both the front door of your home and the door to your bedroom open easily and completely. Doors that stick, squeak, or that only open partway because of all the stuff stored behind them are blocking the flow of romantic energy and opportunity into your home. A loose doorknob on your bedroom door could mean you're having a hard time "getting a handle on" romance; get out your screwdriver and tighten it up.
  7. Create a path for chi
    Make sure that you have a clear path from your front door to you bedroom, so that fresh chi can find its way to your bedroom and nourish your love life. Make sure all the lights along this route are working, replace any burned-out bulbs. Increase the energy by adding more light.
  8. Move your bed
    If possible, place the bed so there is equal space on either side, so you and your partner can find equal enjoyment in the relationship and have red sheets on your bed to increase passion in your bedroom.
  9. Bring romance chi into the bedroom
    Be sure to place romantic imagery in these two key places in the bedroom: the wall opposite the foot of the bed (where you naturally look when lying in bed), and whatever area of the room you first see when you enter. Beautiful, romantic artwork is always good, as are fresh or silk flowers and anything in pairs (such as birds, candles, or decorative pillows). A round mirror is also good for the bedroom, as the shape signifies completion and unity.

  10. And finally,

  11. Clarify your intention
    Make a collage of images that symbolize your perfect relationship, and place it where you will see it every day. If you are already in a relationship, invite your partner to make a collage with you, to represent your intention to build a joyful and loving future together.

Whether you’re looking to ignite more passion into your current relationship or searching for love and romance, Feng Shui has been known to help many. Try incorporating if only a few of the tips and see what happens. Chances are you have already used Feng Shui in your life and you didn’t even know it.


Sonia Pilon is an elementary school teacher and Vice-President of Membership at Orleans Raconteurs Toastmasters. She is a true romantic and practices what she preaches.