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This is the place for people who've had something happen that makes romance the last thing on their mind. It could be something that your partner does that drives you up the wall. Or it could be something you've seen someone else do. What matters is the experience and the lesson it gives the rest of us - if we want lovin', then we better not do that!

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My boyfriend lives in another city and so we decided to plan a romantic getaway at a fabulous B&B. I couldn't wait for us to be together! That is, until I met him at the B&B. I couldn't get near him. His breath could have killed a horse. He told me that he gone out to lunch with his friends and had eaten a chicken caesar salad with lots of garlic. No matter what he tried ... breath freshener, mouthwash, parsley ... the smell wouldn't go away. There wasn't much kissing that night, I can tell you!

DA, Ontario, Canada

As Dr. Phil says, there are some things that are just no-gos. romance buster is a man who complains about food and won't eat it. My girlfriend's husband does this - he's the ultimate picky eater - and I often feel like tossing the food on top of his head. Doesn't he see that carefully preparing his food is how his wife shows him her care for him, her love for him?

How would he feel if he thought of something that would please his wife, and then he spent hours crafting that gift only to have her turn up her nose at it and say, "I don't like it. It isn't good enough for me." What if this happened not just once but several times each week?

Or if every time he wanted to show his physical love for his wife, she exclaimed with disdain, "No, I don't like the way your penis looks. It makes me sick just to look at it. Take it away. I'll look after myself."

No wonder my girlfriend prefers to spend her time with the dog rather than with her husband!

JD, Canada

My guy loves to live in his old sweatpants. What's even worse is that they're too short on him. I've tried telling him ... I've even bought him a new pair, but for some reason he's stuck on wearing the old sweats. Definitely a romance buster!

NS, Canada