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My husband and I are in a solid and happy marriage. We got married in our thirties and have been grateful ever since. Now that we are in our forties, I see the signs of aging more and more. What used to be fine lines are deepening. Grey hairs are sneaking into the picture. We aren't as fit as we used to be. I once learned that it's important NOT to ask your husband, “Do I look fat in this?” because it would only have him look for fatness. So I've been careful about the way I say things. But one day my shock at the aging process came bursting forth with a moaning about how I'm getting so old. My husband's sincere and loving response: “Thank God, that was the plan wasn't it? To grow old together?”

“I do thank God for my amazing husband, who doesn't always say the right thing, but always has the right intentions and sometimes says things in such the right way that they nourish me for years.”

Laya, Denver, CO
Author of the best loved self-help book for teens:
You Don't Have to Learn Everything the Hard Way


My girlfriend and I connect at the end of the day by reading a page from Gary Smalley's book, Forever Love to each other in bed.

ST, Ontario, Canada


I'm in the Canadian military and one evening while I was in town unbeknownst to my girlfriend, I thought I would play a trick on her. She thought I was away on course, but what she didn't know was that I had driven back to see her during a block of hours I had off. I called her from a phone booth and told her a military friend of mine was delivering her something from me since I couldn't be in town to do it myself. To get the package, she was to go outside and approach a person in military uniform and say, "Excuse me Sergeant, can I help you?" and my friend would know to give the package to her. She was a great sport and said she would comply.

At the appointed time she showed up and asked the question as requested. The military clad person (me) turned around and said, "I'm not a Sergeant; I'm a Warrant Officer." She laughed and jumped into my arms, happy to see me. Now, it doesn't stop there. I had just enough time to have dinner and get back on the road to return to training. While having dinner at her apartment I noticed she had a call display monitor by her phone and asked her about it. She had no choice but to then confess that she knew all along I was in town as she recognized her town's area code when I called, but decided to play along nevertheless so as not to break my mischevious spirit. I love her with all my heart! To this day she teases me and says, "Excuse me Sergeant, can I help you?"

Sly, Ontario, Canada