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April 11, 2006

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring!

Has it already been two weeks since our last LouLouís Love Lesson? Isnít it amazing how time flies when life gets busy!

Seriously, many of us find ourselves getting caught up in the “busy-ness” of lifeócommitments to our children, elderly parents, career, friends, and organizations we belong to. And while there is nothing wrong with having these commitments, we want to be careful that our “busy-ness” is not at the expense of the relationship we have with our love partner. Unfortunately, for some it has been.

We take the time to go to work, to eat, to take our children to their dance class or ball game, to call our mother, to watch our favourite television program, to go shopping, to visit the doctor, to get our hair cut, to laugh with friends. But what about time with our special someone? Did we not take time to date our partner when we first got together as a couple? Somehow we managed to find time then, why not now? And for those who are single and searching, is it reasonable to expect to be in a relationship if you donít stop to take the time for one?

Did you know that in an Ipsos-Reid/CTV poll, dated March 14, 2001, 32 per cent of Canadians cited loneliness as one of the main reasons why they would seek out an affair with another? This statistic serves as yet another reminder to us all of the importance of nurturing our love relationship. Too many “Iím too busy,” “I'm too tired,” “Not right now, maybe some other time,” and “He or she will understand,” can be extremely hazardous to your relationship. Itís vital that you make time before there is no time.

Permit me to share a personal story with you. The last few weeks have been especially busy for me. Iím a member of a fabulous organizationóToastmasters Internationalósince 13 years and recently made the decision to run for district office Ö having first talked about it with my partner. Consequently, Iíve been out most weeknights and away on some weekends to attend various meetings and events to promote my candidacy. This is, of course, in addition to many other commitments I have. Story sound a bit familiar?

Well, one evening after arriving home at 10:45 PM, I went up to my sweetheart, gave him a big hug, apologized for being away so much, and shared how much I missed spending time with him. I then boldly (okay, teasingly) asked if he could play hooky with me the following day. There was no question that he appreciated my apology, not to mention how surprised and pleased he was with my invitation. We spent an absolutely marvelous day together Ö cuddling, laughing, going out for a nice leisurely lunch, and thoroughly enjoying each otherís company.

Now, maybe you or your partner canít play hooky, and thatís okay. So what can you do together? Excuses are not allowed by order of the Romance Agent. :-)

How about calling it an early evening one night and the two of you snuggling up in bed while reading to each other? Or what about a nice leisurely walk in the park? [Donít forget to hold hands though; thatís the best part!] Ever considered a drive out to the country? You never know it could lead to a nice candlelight dinner for two. [Hint, hint.] A coffee date is another idea that can be a lot of fun. Just imagine the two of you catching up on each other's activities, chatting over your favourite speciality coffee. And how many of you wouldn't enjoy a loving massage from your partner? Oh, and what about packing up a picnic basket and watching the sunset together? The sky's the limit as to what the two of you can do! Don't hesitate to use your imagination.

The important thing is that the two of you make the time, take the time for each other. This means even if you have to schedule it in your agenda or on your calendar. I promise you that you both will reap the benefits.

“Take time to love and be loved Ö it is what Life is ALL about!”
- Last verse of an old Irish prayer

Until the 25th!


Romance Agent™
Romance Unlimited™

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