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May 2, 2006

Hello everyone!

Perhaps, some of you wondered why you didnít receive LouLouís Love Lesson last Tuesday. I can assure you that it wasnít because I forgot. Because I receive a lot of e-mails on a daily basis and staying on top of them can be quite challenging at times, I am going to assume that itís the same for many of you. As a result, Iíve decided to send out LouLouís Love Lesson once a month ó on the first Tuesday. That means one less e-mail in your Inbox from me. Should I have something special to share that I feel canít wait until the following month, Iíll be sure to send out a second lesson later that month. I hope I havenít disappointed too many of you. ;-)

Now, on to this monthís lesson!

Can you believe it? Weíre in May already! Where did April go? Iím wondering about those of you who received last monthís lesson; did you take the time, make the time, for that special someone in your life? I sure hope so. You both deserve it! [If you missed out on last monthís lesson, please visit my Web site and see our archives.]

Funny thing, did you know that May is “Date Your Mate Month”? Of course, being a Romance Agent, I believe that every day is a reason to celebrate our mate; however, Iíll support any event, holiday or occasion which promotes love, romance and relationship building.

And just so you know, dating is not restricted to singles only. Itís for couples too! Contrary to what some may think, dating does not stop because youíre now living with the person. Remember, the reason the two of you are together in the first place is because you dated. Why would anyone want to stop dating when it works so well?

No matter how long the two of you have been togetherówhether itís one month or twenty-five years plusóyour relationship deserves the same kind of tender loving attention it received during your courtship. One thing for sure, if you were to start a new relationship, youíd have to put in the effort, so why then and not now?

Lasting relationships are built on love, romance, passion, excitement, and sharing. Dating is an excellent means for discovering each other anew, rekindling the spark, having fun, and growing closer together as a couple. Let May be the month to kick start your love life!

Here are a few fun dating ideas to get you started:

  • Consider volunteering together. Pick a service or organization which appeals to you both. My partner and I recently signed up to take part in the 13th annual ďSpring Cleaning the CapitalĒ campaign.
  • Have you checked your local newspaperís community calendar of events for fairs, concerts, flea markets and garage sales? Many of us donít realize all thatís happening in our community and are missing out on a number of enjoyable activities.
  • Be a tourist in your own city. Visit your local museums and outdoor markets. Itís amazing how many treasures are right under your very nose.

Romance can ensure that you constantly see your lover in a fresh light, and dating is one of the most effective romantic techniques for doing just that.
- Michael Morgenstern, A Return to Romance - Finding it and Keeping it Alive

Date your mate and celebrate! Until June, all the best!


Romance Agent™
Romance Unlimited™

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