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August 2006

Dear Friends,

Do any of the following sound familiar?

    • I love you [but I'm busy].
    • I love you [but don't bother me].
    • I love you [but I won't go shopping with you].
    • I love you [but I won't go to a ball game with you].

Whether you've been a receiver or a sender of any of the above, I love you means nothing if a person doesn't show it. Were you also aware that two of the greatest enemies of love are loneliness and boredom? Well, if you weren't aware, now you know. So, no excuses ... especially this month! And why is that? Because August is Romance Awareness Month – a reminder that a relationship can never have too much romance.

Romance is appreciation – plain and simple! Undoubtedly, you've heard me say this before; however, it bears repeating. Romance is a loving gesture ... it is showing your partner how much she or he matters to you. And contrary to what some people may think, it need not be complicated, costly or extravagant.

So let me ask you, how often do you make use of opportunities to show your love? What's one thing that you could do today, tomorrow, this week to strengthen your relationship?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Compliment your partner. You can never hear too much of a good thing! Compliment her gorgeous smile–his bedroom eyes–his broad chest–her infectious laugh.
  • Read to each other. Our personal favourite is Forever Love by Gary Smalley.
  • Invite your partner for a late night stroll in the park. Hop on a see-saw. Share a swing. Smooch on a bench.
  • Call your partner's favorite radio station and have them play “your song.”
  • Take time for play. Have fun. Go crazy! Chase each other around the house. Have even more fun getting caught!

Make room for romance in your day-to-day life and experience the pleasures of living an extraordinary relationship with your partner!

“Love is not a solo
Love is a duet
If it dwindles for one
The song ceases.

- Author unknown

Until next month!


Romance Agent™
Romance Unlimited™

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