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Hi there!

How has your summer been so far? Here in Ottawa, Ontario weíve been enjoying some pretty fabulous weather. Though youíll never catch me basking in the sun sporting a skimpy bikini, big dark sunglasses, with my body smothered in suntan lotion, I still love warm, sunny temperatures. Quite frankly, I canít get enough of summer. If only Canada could have as many warm summer months as we have cold winter months. Minus 30į Celsius is definitely not my idea of hot ní cozy, thatís for sure! Brrrrr!

Enough with the negative. Here we are in August (yeah!) and what a hot month weíre going to have. And no, Iím not talking about ďthe weather.Ē Have you forgotten? Itís Romance Awareness Month! Hey, they donít call me a Romance Agent for nothing, you know. ;-)

I personally believe that every month Ö every day Ö should be Romance Awareness Month. If you havenít already, itís time to make it a priority to romance your partner Ö and while youíre at it, donít forget to romance yourself too!

Seriously, there are far too many who are living life in the fast lane Ö running here, there and everywhere Ö, so caught up in their busy schedules that theyíre neglecting their partner, and possibly even themselves. And then there are others who are so immersed in their careers or projects that itís no wonder that theyíre not in a relationship or having trouble finding a partner. Letís not forget those who have become complacent in their relationship, settling for the “same old dull routine.” without considering the potential consequences of such behavior. Remember my May love lesson, and the song “Escape”? Though Iím sure itís not intentional for the most part, itís something that requires urgent attention.

Thereís really no putting it mildly. “Donít wait for a shake up to wake up and shape up!” In the case of a love relationship, we took the time at the beginning of our relationship to profess and show our love because our partner mattered then, so why not now? Similarly, we took the time to take care of ourselves better when we were younger, so why not now?

Friends, make the time Ö take the time for romance. If need be, schedule it in your agenda, mark it on your calendar. And then do it! Contrary to what some may think romance need not be complicated or costly. As a matter of fact, no romance is oftentimes far more costly than romance.

A relationship void of romance and appreciation will eventually cost the relationship. I should know, as I lived in a romance-less marriage for many years. It wasnít until I was facing serious surgery in 1993 that it hit me how little I thought of myself and my life; how I had willingly accepted that I did not deserve any better, and how I basically accepted everything as the way it should be and was always going to be. The surgery became my shake up to wake up and shape up! Did my marriage end? Yes. Could it have been saved? Possibly, but it would have required both partners consciously making the effort to resurrect the relationship. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Dear friends, romance is appreciation, plain and simple. Itís letting that special someone know how much they matter to you on a daily basis. Itís showing that person how much you care about them. Itís saying “I love you,” and I donít mean a flippant “I love you” as you run out the front door. Itís hugging your partner Ö every day Ö 10 seconds minimum! Itís taking the time to listen to your partner, giving them your undivided attention. This means no interruptions, no thinking of what to say next, and no trying to fix your partner. Itís remembering all the reasons you fell in love with your partner in the first place and telling your partner all over again. Itís about taking time to smell the roses. Itís being grateful. Itís about taking time for you. Itís about taking time for each other. That reminds me; I have an appointment with my sweetheart. Sorry, gotta run!

Have a fabulous month of August! For some exciting romance ideas, be sure to check out our Romance Library. Oh, and be sure not to miss Septemberís love lesson when I share what it takes to live a loving successful relationship!


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