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February 2007

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I was leading a session and asked the question, “Who are more romantic ... men or women?”

A polished, professional gentleman stood up and replied rather confidently, “Men are more romantic.” There was a brief pause and he added, “But they don't know it.” Another male voice in the audience called out, “They're keeping it a secret from themselves.” Suffice it say that all the men and women in the room that night burst out laughing.

As we continued to talk about romance and relationships, both sexes agreed that romance is, as one accountant (and yes, another male) put it, “a reflection of love ... showing that special someone how much you cherish them.”

At another group, I asked the question, “What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?”

A male in his early forties smilingly shared, “My wedding day.” He then proceeded to talk about how he and his wife first met.

Another question I asked was, “Can a person be too much in love?” Yet again, it was a male who answered the question (kudos to all you guys out there!). He began to describe a story about an archaeological find a few years ago of a male and female skeleton facing each other in an embrace. He said that he was so touched by the story that he almost cried.

And earlier this evening, I happened to drive a male colleague home who, when asked if he had any plans on Valentine's Day, started gushing [yes, men can gush too!] about out all the wonderful surprises he had in store for his special lady ... and no, it didn't cost him an arm and a leg.

I must confess that I was very moved as I listened to these gentlemen's answers. After all, it's not often we women hear men talk about romance so openly. Truly, we can all benefit by communicating more with one another, maintaining an open mind, doing away with stereotypes and assumptions, and listening with a loving heart.

In closing, why don't I ask you all a question: “What is YOUR definition of romance?” E-mail me your reply at loulou@romanceunlimited.com by Wednesday, February 28 for a chance to win a copy of my book, The ABC's of Tease & Please - A Romance Handbook.

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Happy Valentine's Day!


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