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January 2007

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2007! A New Year – and for many, an opportunity for a new beginning, hence when resolutions tend to be made.

I know, I know ... some of you may balk at the mere mention of resolutions; however, I happen to enjoy making them and so it's become part of my tradition each New Year's Eve to write them down before midnight. And yes, I do break some of them, though there are some that I don't.

Unfortunately, I managed to keep myself exceptionally busy the last four months and, before I knew it, New Year's Eve had come and gone – with no resolutions for 2007. I had kept myself so busy that I did not leave myself any time to reflect about the past year – to take note of my successes, review my 2006 goals, and plan for the year ahead. Instead, I allowed myself to get run down and, as a result, contracted one whopper of a flu.

Good news! Resolutions can be made any time of year. Yeah! All was not lost. Care to guess what one of my resolutions is going to be? You got it! Make time for me.

This brings to mind one of my girlfriends who recently suffered a terrible fall and was laid up for 7 weeks in bed. A bright, ambitious woman, she was accustomed to always be on the go, and so found it extremely difficult to lie back and do nothing. Her situation, however, did allow her time to do some serious reflecting. She shared with me that it was times like this when she particularly missed having a man in her life – someone to look after her, to talk to, to cuddle with. She had wanted to be in a relationship for awhile now, but only just now realized that she had been keeping herself busy with so many activities and outside commitments that she wasn't leaving herself open to this happening. It was time to make room for opportunity and to start focusing on her needs and wants. It was time to start saying no to others and yes to her, because darn it, she deserved it.

What about you? Are you in control of your life or is life controlling you? I encourage you to take a few minutes and really think about it.

Is there a course you've wanted to study; a hobby you've wanted to take up; an instrument you've wanted to learn; a skill you've wanted to improve; a partner you've wanted to meet? Whatever it may be, resolve to do it and then do it. Make that commitment! Make it happen! You deserve it!

Wishing you an abundant 2007,


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