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Happy New Year, fellow romantics!

I trust you all enjoyed a delicious, loving holiday. I sure did! As a matter of fact, I must apologize for not having sent out a love lesson since October. Much has been happening in my corner and, yes, of course, I want to share my great news with you!

The news? I am in love! Yes, again, and with somebody new! Weíve already been described as the “perfect match,” (itís only been 7 weeks!) and I must confess that I have never felt this way with another man before.

So what happened with my former partner, you ask? Well, I sadly and reluctantly came to the realization that our relationship wasnít going anywhere. I had initially hoped it would, but I began to discover that frustration and disinterest were becoming prominent feelings, particularly over the last several months. Did I speak to him about my feelings? Yes, I did, but Iíve also come to know that you cannot change a person. Suffice it to say that though a very kind, generous, loving man, it was obvious that we were simply too different and I, for one, could not see us having a permanent future together. Itís never easy to break up with someone, especially when the individual is a good person; however, I have learned the hard way that life is too short not to live it to the fullest. And quite honestly, to continue life with someone who you know is not the one for you is not only hurting you, but the other person too. For a relationship to be successful, truth is paramount, and rather than feign happiness for the benefit of others and settle into a life of complacency, I decided that it was time to end the love relationship. Surprisingly, he took it very well. There were no mean words exchanged; no blame, no hysterics; no pleading, and no false promises. Instead we agreed that we would remain friends, and Iím quite delighted to announce that he has moved on with his life Ö back in the saddle again and dating. As I shared earlier, Iím already in love. After all, you really didnít think a Romance Agent would stay single for long, did you?

The message I wish to pass on to you, my friends, is to never give up on love. Always believe in yourself and love yourself so that others may see the wonder in you and love you too. Open yourself up to love and be confident that everything will fall into place. Youíll be amazed at the opportunities that will present themselves to you. And do please resolve to let go of any excess baggage, for it will only serve to drag you down and keep you from what you truly deserve Ö love and happiness.

Please accept my very best wishes for a loving, successful 2008! Until next month, live each day passionately and consciously!


Romance Agent™
Romance Unlimited™

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