Milk & Cookies for Success

(Thoughts, Ideas, Principles & Practices for Personal & Professional Success)

Significantly Improve Your Results in ALL Your Personal & Professional "Selling" Situations (in all the meanings of the word "selling")

So You Can Get ALL that You Want from the Boardroom to the Bedroom (and all the rooms in between)

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"Don’t let the ‘milk & cookies’ in the title fool you. This is one of the most politically incorrect, whack-you-on-the-side-of-the-head, kick-you-in-the-pants book I’ve read! Milk and cookies, yes ... But with a pinch of jalapeno! You’ve been warned!"

Michael J. Hughes, Canada’s Networking Guru

"Milk and Cookies (Daniel Saintjean) and this book will not only provide you with valuable ‘out-of-the-box’ information, but it will prove to be an ‘experience’ as well. Fasten your seat belts. This may be the ride of your life!"

Bob Urichuk, Author of Online for Life-The 12 Disciplines of Living Your Dreams and Up Your Bottom Line