Montreal’s Romance Revival Contest

August was Romance Awareness Month and, in celebration, Romance Agent™ Leona Hamel launched Montreal’s Romance Revival Contest.

Well, the results are finally in! Congratulations to Craig and Tracy from Nepean, Ontario—winners of this year's Romance Revival Contest! Their love story was selected among many received for its originality, content, and closing appeal. Photo is courtesy of Chantal Benoit Photographer.

Here's their love story!


The most romantic moment for me was when she said she would marry me.

I moved from a small town to Ottawa in 1999 so that I could be closer to my daughter from a previous marriage and to my girlfriend, Tracy. The move meant losing my years of seniority at my job and having to start all over again, working my way from the bottom up.

I worked many jobs; however, the money was just not there. Our savings soon dwindled. We still had a house, car, and truck to pay for. So, I called a friend and he set me up with a job mining in Thompson, Manitoba. I can tell you that working underground is no dream job, but as the saying goes, "A man has got to do what a man has got to do." Even Tracy had to take on extra days and hours in order for us to pay the bills.

While I was in Ottawa, my girlfriend and I often spoke of marriage. We would always say, “Only forever.” We spoke of it no more.

Her in Ottawa and me in Thompson, I wanted to show her how committed I was to our relationship. I called my parents and asked what they thought of my plans to marry Tracy. I then called her parents and asked for their daughter’s hand in marriage. The next day I went out and bought a ring.

The question now was, "How would I propose? How would I be able to show Tracy that she was the one?"

Here’s what I did:
I called my girlfriend and told her that I would be working a lot of overtime and would not be able to call her for a couple of days. Then I left for Ottawa. I set it up so that my parents would be in Ottawa visiting my daughter and girlfriend. I then asked Tracy’s parents to set up a dinner date with their daughter and my parents while they were in town. Reservations were made at one of our favourite restaurants: The Golden Palace. They were all to meet there.

The night finally arrived. Once they were all seated, I called her dad on his cell phone to signal her mom to take my girlfriend to the washroom with her. I watched from close by and as soon as the two of them had left, I slipped in and placed a ring box with a hand embroidered plaque made by a friend’s wife at Tracy’s place setting. The plaque read "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" In the box were two chips of nickel that I had been mining. I quickly exited from view and waited for their return.

When they came back and my girlfriend sat down, she looked strangely at the place setting before her. I walked up from behind and placed my hand on her shoulder. Tracy stared up at me in disbelief. I said, "I have had to work harder for these two rocks than I would have for any ring. "Will you marry me?" She smiled and said, "Only forever." (She doesn’t like me spending money.) I then surprised her with the ring.

The reason why I am writing this now is because she and I have been married for three years. I never did return to the mine. We still have a house, car, and truck to pay for. We also have a new addition to our family—our nine-month old. To have romance, you need to set time aside for each other, and although my wife and I can make the time, it would be nice if there was extra money to do something special. I would like to give Tracy a little more because she deserves it.


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