Ottawa’s Romance Revival Contest

August was Romance Awareness Month and, in celebration, Romance Agent™ Leona Hamel launched Ottawa’s Romance Revival Contest

Well, the results are finally in! Congratulations to Lisa and Eric from Nepean, Ontario—winners of this year's Romance Revival Contest! Their love story was selected among many received for its originality, content, and closing appeal. Photo is courtesy of Chantal Benoit Photographer.

Here's their love story!

Hi Leona,

We need some help!

My husband and I need to be reminded why we fell in love fifteen years ago. We have been married for 8 years, and together for a total of 15 years. I have been thinking all month about this contest, and waiting to see if any romantic moments would occur. Luckily for me, one did! My husband cut a yellow rose from our garden, gave it to me, and told me he loved me.

Romance has changed for us over the years. When we were first dating, my husband went away with his family to hike the West Coast trail. He wrote me 7 letters in 5 days. They were great letters and very romantic. We used to enjoy picnics in the park and long walks holding hands. One time when we were camping I remember dancing with my husband on a picnic table in the moonlight.

Now, romance is different. We have 2 great kids, a 2½ year-old and a 4 year-old. Since our 4 year-old was born we have not had a night alone. We do not have any family in Ontario, and the kids are always with us. For better for worse, we have a family bed with our 2½ year-old still sharing our bed; my husband is determined that this is going to end very soon.

After thinking about our romance, I find that I am taking my husband for granted, and there are many things I no longer do, like write him notes in his lunch with racy suggestions like I did when we were first married. Hmmm … maybe the best thing about your contest is that it has me thinking again about how I need to work on romancing my husband.


P.S. Lisa asked me to add a comment. This is what I felt after reading what she wrote above. (She’s not aware of what I have written.)

I am in total awe of the incredible job Lisa does in managing our family and raising our children day in and day out. She keeps us on track and has shaped our kids into two wonderful little people. I admire her determination and love her completely. I am a lucky guy, even if I don't tell her as often as I should.


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