Romance Keynotes & Seminars

As a Romance Agent™, Leona energizes and inspires others to make positive changes that will enhance their love relationships.


Fait Ça Vite! (Make It a Quickie!)
Fervent in her desire to have you discover the most extraordinary relationship you can have with your partner, meet LouLou L’Amour, Leona’s “sexy persona” as she shares some key ingredients for spicing up your love life. She’ll give you a taste of how you too can savor the excitement and keep your love burning hot.

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or not, treat yourself to a sizzling, fun-filled presentation that is bound to stir up some laughter and get your mind cooking with delicious ideas!

A humorous mini presentation … excellent for couples … conferences … retreats … after dinner entertainment.


People take courses to improve their professional life, and thankfully, many are realizing the value of attending seminars and workshops to improve their personal life. Why? Because when you’re happy at home, it transcends into other areas of your life. I call it maximizing your relationships, be it in the boardroom, “living room” or bedroom.

How Romantic Are You ... Really?
Happy lovers know that romance is essential to a passionate, exciting relationship. So, how romantic are you … really?

Quite often it seems as if we know instinctively how to make our friends feel special, but we don’t do nearly as well when it comes to pleasing our mates. Our relationships deserve the same kind of attention. Whether your relationship has lost its excitement, your relationship is on the rocks or you’re single and looking for love, this workshop offers something for you.

Where is the Love? (Seminar for Singles)
Are you finding the “dating game” somewhat confusing, maybe even frustrating? Are unsure as to how you should go about finding that special someone in their life? Do you desire to get out of your way to achieve your love goal? Join this seminar and meet others like you who want to gain clarity, examine, and overcome obstacles to create and live happier, healthier, FUN relationships. Together we will identify and explore effective means to meeting the person of your dreams.

Communicate to Appreciate
Today’s successful business leaders are customer-driven … designing and implementing strategies to assure customer satisfaction, to create customer intimacy, to build customer loyalty, and to form customer partnerships. Why is it that we have so much difficulty practicing the same strategies in our personal relationships? Unfortunately, many, if not most of us, are caught up in the “busy-ness of life” that we often overlook or take for granted two especially important relationships … our relationship with self and with our cherished one. Join Leona as she shares how we can apply strategies used for customer satisfaction to our personal relationships. Learn the art of communicating appreciation.

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