Ottawa Singles Contest

Well, the results are finally in! Romance Unlimited™ and The Ottawa Sun wish to congratulate Gail Artelle from Gloucester, Ontario and Terrence (Terry) Cleroux of Gatineau, Quebec — the two winners of our Ottawa Singles Contest! Their funny and not-so-funny dating stories were selected among many received for their originality, content, and reader appeal. Their stories appear at this site and in February 14 issue of The Ottawa Sun.

Gail and Terry have each won, courtesy of:

A total prize package valued at $1000 each!


Life Is So Funny … Date Gone Very Wrong

My date picks me up for our dinner date. He informs he has to stop at the University for “a minute.” An hour later, he joins me in the car. Fine.

So off to dinner we go … a vegetarian restaurant, which I am not. Fine.

The waiter addresses me for my order. My date interrupts and orders for me. Fine!

No cocktail, no wine, no water with dinner. Great.

After dinner, we return to the car. I’m thinking “dancing and drinks, perhaps.” No way! Instead, he drives directly to my apartment and insists on coming up for coffee. Okay.

He brings his briefcase with him. Strange?!

As I emerge from the kitchen with his precisely ordered coffee, he is placing “the briefcase” on the coffee table and proceeds to unpack: one clean white shirt, underwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, and hair gel.

Laughing hysterically, I asked him to repack “the briefcase” and escorted him to the door without him having his coffee, I might add. I never heard from him again. Strange.

To this day, I can’t repeat this story without breaking into laughter.

Gail Artelle


All in One Neat Package

My date was one of the weirdest, quirkiest, most disappointing, humorous, shortest, and infuriating dates—all rolled up into one. I guess I must have hit a special on dating night.

I met her online and after a few months of getting to know one another, we decided to meet for a coffee date and see how things went. Needless to say, the date was over in 5 minutes, 15 if you count ordering coffee and finding a seat to chat. We found a cozy table by the fireplace and after sitting down, her first words were, “I'll be honest with you, there won't be a second date.” So I stood up, told her that it was pointless to stay any longer since there wasn’t going to be a second date. I thanked her for her time and for showing up and left. It felt like speed dating for one. Lots of laughs.

Her reason: a pitiful excuse; my hair wasn't the same way as in my pictures.

Terry Cleroux