The ABC's of Tease & Please

Ready to explore your romantic creativity and experience even more intimacy, excitement, and passion in your relationship? Interested in some refreshing ideas to spice up your love life? Want to recapture the spark you once had?

The ABC's of Tease & Please - A Romance Handbook is a delightfully entertaining book, filled with playful illustrations and clever captions that are guaranteed to warm your heart and serve you lots of sizzling ideas to keep things cooking in your relationship.

A perfect gift for anyone who believes in the rewards of living a loving relationship!

In The ABC’s of Tease & Please you will discover how to ...

    • Celebrate your relationship every day!
    • Rekindle the fire in your relationship!
    • Appreciate that special someone in your life!
    • Stay young at heart Romance Tips to Keep You Loving! and play the part!
    • Have fun being nice ... and naughty!
    • Keep things sizzling between the two of you!




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    "LouLou L'Amour's book is both entertaining and exhilarating Do yourself (and your partner) a favour, and give him/her a copy of The ABC's of Tease & Please. Put the book's suggestions into practice. You (and your partner) will be glad you did!"

    - Gregory J.P. Godek, Author
    1001 Ways To Be Romantic

    "The ABC's of Tease & Please does just that ... and more! It offers lots of tantalizing tips and tidbits that will remind you to never stop doing the things that brought you together in the first place. This book embraces the genuine power of romantic love. I love it!"

    - Larry James, Author
    How to Really Love the One You're With

    "A book that teasingly invites us to open our hearts to the joy of romance!"

    - Dawn Brown, Author
    Been There, Done That ... Now What?

    "... for those aspiring Don-Juans and Juanitas who find themselves short on ideas for keeping the spark in their romantic lives."

    - Louise Daniels, Reporter
    The Ottawa Sun

    "Never again will you be able to relationship is boring. This book not only spells out ways to rev up your shows you. There are over 50 fun and playful illustrations along with tips to bring romance back into your life. This book is a must have for your collection, or as a gift for your love partner."

    - Linda Pizzale, Empowerment Coach

    "This a great investment whether you need to rekindle the romance or keep the blaze going! A must for every wedding shower. Buy it for yourself and each page becomes a gift for that special somebody in your life."

    - Joan Jesion, Life Coach

    "My friend was so kind to give me a copy of your book this weekend and, having read it cover to cover, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Wish I had that knowledge many years ago, might have saved my marriage or at least made it more enjoyable while it lasted."

    - JWRomance Tips to Keep You Loving!



      • Squeeze Play
        Make every day a "hug your honey" day. 15 seconds minimum!
      • Brake for Love
        The next time you're in the car together, take a "kissing break". At every red traffic light, lean over, and kiss your partner.
      • Warm n’ Fuzzies
        Why not greet your partner when he steps out of the shower with a warm towel fresh out of the dryer? It’s a great way to heat things up!

    LouLou L'Amour - also known as Leona Hamel.ABOUT LOULOU L’AMOUR

    LouLou L’Amour is the pen name of Leona Hamel, author, speaker, coach, and Romance Agent™. She is the President of LDH Enterprises Inc., a relationship company, overseeing its two divisions: Romance Unlimited™ and StageCoach Consulting™. Leona is also a contributing author to A First Serving of Milk & Cookies for Success. Passionate about human connection, Leona works with men and women who are ready to live extraordinary relationships and experience more passion, fun and success in their life.

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