Teleclass Protocol

To ensure a fun, smooth TELExperience for all, here are some important tips:

  1. Schedule one hour of uninterrupted time to participate in the call. You’ll be much more “present” if your mind and body can relax and focus.

  2. If possible, please use a regular landline phone. Portable phones and especially cell phones tend to cause static heard by all callers. There’s also a potential for “cross talk.” Cell phones have been known to bounce participants off the call.

  3. If you have a two-line phone or other phones in your room/office, please TURN OFF all ringers before calling in.

  4. Use a headset or high quality phone with a mute button. If you don’t have a mute option, press *6 (star-six). You will be able to hear the class but others will not hear you or your background noise. Press *6 again to be heard.

  5. If possible, avoid speakerphones, unless you use the mute button. Voice clarity is affected which often makes it difficult for others to understand you. Instead, pick up the handset when you have something to share and put the mute button on when you’re just listening.

  6. Please be sure not to breathe heavily into the mouthpiece. This can be disruptive.

  7. The Teleclass Leader will invite you to share, respond or ask questions throughout the call. Please wait to be prompted. On smaller calls this formality isn’t usually required and there is a natural flow to people sharing and discussing.

  8. If another caller says something that you want to comment on or ask about, please go through the Teleclass Leader.

  9. If you arrive late for the teleclass, don’t worry, just dial in and be silent until you catch on to the conversation. The Teleclass Leader may or may not officially welcome you, depending on the size of the class.

  10. You may not record any teleclass. If the Teleclass Leader is taping a call, s/he will let everyone know at the beginning of the call.